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Fasten your seatbelts, Affynians, because 2024 promises to be a year of explosive growth and boundless innovation for the $FYN ecosystem. Prepare for liftoff as we unveil "Ignition", our revolutionary roadmap packed with 7 groundbreaking initiatives designed to propel $FYN to new heights.


Sit back, relax and let us guide you through each stage of the roadmap as we prepare for ascent.

Stage 1 - Mission Control

Charting the Course with a Utility-Driven Roadmap

$FYN Program Launch

We kicked off the year with purpose and intention, charting the course for a $FYN-focused 2024 with the launch of two brand new $FYN initiatives: the $FYN Liquidity Program and the $FYN HODL Program.

The Liquidity Program empowers you to directly contribute to $FYN's stability and growth on Uniswap, earning attractive rewards for your efforts. The $FYN HODL Program celebrates your long-term commitment to $FYN, offering exclusive benefits and recognition for your loyalty.

These initiatives reinforce our unwavering commitment to a community-first approach where we aim to succeed together with our community. This sets the pace and direction for the rest of the year with our utility-driven roadmap.

Stage 2 - Propellant Loading

Fueling Momentum for a Thriving Community

Buddy Arena Commercial Launch

Buddy Arena's global commercial launch marks a significant milestone in our journey and is not just about entertainment. It is about fostering connections, igniting passions, and building a vibrant ecosystem. This is not the finish line but a springboard for something much bigger.

As part of the release, users will be able to purchase Nexium directly from the Affyn marketplace with $FYN and at a better price. Nexium can be used to purchase premium items that can amplify your play and earn experience.

To truly propel our mission forward, we need the help of the most powerful fuel in the world: a thriving community. Share your excitement and invite your friends to join Buddy Arena as we shape the future of Web 3.0 gaming, one epic battle at a time.

Stage 3 - Launch Site Preparations

Before a rocket blasts off, meticulous preparations at the launch site need to be made to ensure a smooth and powerful launch. At stage 3, we will be conducting City Sales for users to claim and purchase NEXUS World Lands.

Owning a Land empowers you to be a pioneer, shaping the landscape of our metaverse and participating in its growth from the ground up. Each plot of Land represents an opportunity to build, create, collaborate and foster diverse and dynamic communities. With every Land purchase, we collectively build a strong foundation for liftoff.

Land in City Sales can only be purchased with Flags which are purchased with $FYN.

Stage 4 - Payload Integration

Docking the Utility Engine to Unlock Real-World Value

Lifestyle Application Phase 1 Launch

Imagine a rocket preparing for liftoff, its engines roaring but untethered to the payload. That is where we are: a powerful ecosystem brimming with potential but missing the crucial link to unlock its true value.

With the launch of our lifestyle application, we take one big step closer to fulfilling our vision of a thriving and sustainable closed-loop economy. Harness the true potential of $FYN, transforming them from digital assets into keys that unlock real-world value and utility.

Get ready to experience the convergence of digital and physical worlds, where every interaction opens doors to exciting new possibilities.

Stage 5 - Donning the Spacesuit

Gearing Up for Mass Adoption

Merchant Program Launch

In stage 5, we gear up for expansion and mass adoption with the launch of our Merchant Program. With this initiative, our goal is to broaden our merchant network and provide them with the necessary tools and resources to flourish within the Affyn ecosystem, thereby promoting widespread acceptance and usage of $FYN.

With the launch of the merchant program, more use cases will be added to $FYN, such as the onboarding fee of merchants and more. As the merchant network grows, additional value will be delivered to our users through the lifestyle application, thereby attracting a growing number of individuals eager to join our ecosystem. Consequently, this influx of new users attracts more merchants seeking to promote their products and services to a broader audience, creating a virtuous cycle of expansion and adoption.

Stage 6 - Initiate Launch Sequence

Countdown to New Frontiers with our Land Initiative

Land Initiative Launch

Now that we have charted the course, fueled momentum, built a strong foundation, integrated the payload and donned the spacesuit, it is time for us to initiate launch sequence and countdown to the exploration of new frontiers.

In stage 6, as we inch closer towards NEXUS World's Beta launch, we introduce initiatives that will enhance the utility and value of NEXUS World Lands, transforming them into vibrant hubs of possibility. Expect exciting features and increased $FYN utility geared towards creating a dynamic and interconnected metaverse experience.

Stage 7 - Liftoff

Take Flight and Journey to a Magical New World

NEXUS World Beta Launch

With the NEXUS World Beta Launch, take flight to a realm where imagination knows no bounds. Step into a world where digital meets reality, and endless possibilities await at every turn. While not fully built, the Beta launch holds the potential for incredible experiences and is a significant milestone for Affyn's ecosystem powering $FYN.

This is your chance to be a founding member, shaping the very fabric of NEXUS World through your feedback and participation. Participate in exclusive events, test groundbreaking features and provide invaluable insights that will guide the world's evolution. It is more than just about playing, it is about co-creating the future together.

Beyond Ignition

While 2024 is an exciting year for Affyn marked with the launch of several key milestones and an emphasis on $FYN utility, our journey does not end here. This roadmap is just the beginning, a shared blueprint for shaping the future together.

As we move into 2024 and beyond, we invite you, our amazing community, to continue playing an active role. Your feedback, ideas, and participation are instrumental in shaping the evolution of Affyn and $FYN. Let us continue co-creating a thriving ecosystem where innovation thrives and possibilities are limitless.

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